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Return to the Troubles would be biggest blow dealt by Brexit

Over the centuries that Britain celebrated imperialism, Ireland experienced it. This has culminated in a vastly different outlook between the two islands. Continue reading

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Why the Irish media is wrong about Brexit

The founding principle of the European Economic Community was “to preserve peace and liberty and to lay the foundations of an ever closer union among the peoples of Europe”. In the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising, it is curious … Continue reading

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Language: A Polish lesson for Ireland

Travelling outside the English-speaking world is a stark reminder that most of the planet is neither Anglicised nor Americanised. Hysteria over globalisation has prompted many to fear the prevalence of chain stores as a sign that a country is losing … Continue reading

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Níl aon teanga mar do teanga féin

Learning Gaeilge is compulsory during primary and secondary education in Ireland. Most of us graduate with little more than a few phrases drilled into our tongues. Does that mean Gaeilge should be dropped from the curriculum altogether? Is it a … Continue reading

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Flight or dole queues: is emigration better?

Returning home for Christmas is always emotional and exciting. You have the chance to join family and friends for festive fun, but also face the stress of fitting in back-to-back social events. Emigration leaves many of us with a nostalgic … Continue reading

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A Brand new notion of revolutionary Ireland

I never envisaged myself agreeing with anything to come out of Russell Brand’s mouth. Misogynistic was my general impression of the comic. However, he recently guest edited the New Statesman, changing my opinion of him entirely. Russell may indeed embody … Continue reading

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