Your shadow

When I said I wanted to go with you

You turned, smiled, and said ‘my shadow’

It was without irritation

For I knew that sound


I took the car with you,

Sometimes silver, other times green or blue

Those cars took me through many years

And a portion of yours too


We were hanging laundry

Cleaning dishes,

Chasing dogs from one kennel to another

Or I was just peering over the counter

Wondering when my time would come to cook for you


Over the years my shadow grew much bigger

But it always walked behind you

Hanging on your every word

Telling you every thought and story so our lives were intertwined


I thought my life was part of yours, and yours of mine

But with getting older comes the lesson

That every life is on its own


Then you took your final journey without me

So here I am

Your shadow


Now I walk alone.




About natashabrowne

Natasha is a freelance journalist and aspiring economist.
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One Response to Your shadow

  1. says:

    So emotion filled, and I can picture you in every scenario you wrote, just from the photos I’ve seen of you as a small girl on Jane’s lap. Keep writing, it’s a great outlet of emotion and we are blessed to share it once written.

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