Escape of the City

I will return to the Island in a matter of weeks

The pace of London

Its charm

Its rudeness

Will be behind me


I will miss being absorbed daily into the City

Disappearing under a mass of suits and skirts

Of being crushed between bodies and a pole

On the central line

As I make my way back to a dull apartment

With few of the comforts of home


I will wave goodbye to Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square

To screaming lights and aggressive taxis

To the golden glint of Parliament

The Eye,

Trafalgar Square and

the city by the river where I used to work

Canary Wharf


But worst of all

I will leave this City to return to someone who is not there

Who I feared when I left would slowly fade

Who I would watch get older with every passing quarter

That I made my way home


I had hoped to avoid this

To return in time

To enjoy the greenery of Wicklow

The quiet rhythm of a bustling town

But the pleasure has been scuppered

By her expiration


 I will see her everywhere I go

Feel her blood flowing through my veins

But it will make the emptiness harder

More profound


As I escape a few final times into this City

I will enjoy the possibility that she could be alive

On the other end of the phone


But coming home will restore the truth

That she is no longer there

That I lost her months ago




About natashabrowne

Natasha is a freelance journalist and aspiring economist.
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One Response to Escape of the City

  1. Pam Groves says:

    I was so touched by your words, I read this to Bill with tears running down my cheeks. She will indeed be missed by all who had the pleasure to know and love her, but none more so, than by you her children. Love Pam and Bill

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