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How Tarantino indirectly challenges the notion that women are inferior to men

Django Unchained’s psychotic plantation owner Calvin Candie used the pseudoscience of phrenology to justify slavery. He claimed the submissive region of the brain was larger in slaves than in any other species on the planet. To try to justify slavery … Continue reading

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Tory war on eastern Europeans a mere election campaign

Immigration is the main the topic of debate in the UK right now. This follows its decision to prevent EU immigrants from claiming benefits during their first three months of entry into the country. Under the restrictions, benefits will also … Continue reading

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Flight or dole queues: is emigration better?

Returning home for Christmas is always emotional and exciting. You have the chance to join family and friends for festive fun, but also face the stress of fitting in back-to-back social events. Emigration leaves many of us with a nostalgic … Continue reading

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